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I was wondering if anyone knows if somebody out there makes forward controls for an VTX 1800 N?

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Welcome to the board!
Bookmark or save to your favorites folder, these websites, This is the VTXOA Garage, a sister site to this message board and contains all your How-to/Tips/Tricks/Why’s and links to other helpful sites for your new VTX. A fellow VTX Riders site that has many write-ups on “How-To” do work on the VTX. Also, for you 1300 guys another fellow VTX Riders site.

There is also a helpful red Search icon at the top of every page(not the Google search)
Search Query section
Search for Key Words;__________________________

Below that click on the "Search for All Terms" button, effectively unchecking the default selection of "Search for any terms or use query as entered"

Search Options section
Select 1, and only 1 "Forum" to search in at a time, or at all.
For example, "Best airbox" I would only search in the "1800 Tech Board"

That's the basic way, you can limit further by using some of the other "Drop-Down" menu's like if you know the thread you are looking for is only a week or so old, etc....

Now that you have a list of threads you've searched for, do not just click on the thread you want to read. Instead RIGHT click on the thread and select "Open in New Window" This will pop up a new window with that thread in it, leaving your searched list intact for you to go back to.

The purpose of the "Search" is to offer a member the opportunity to research his/her question better. There is so much information from past threads that you may never see because that member is no longer here, or doesn't see your new post, or just won't respond to the same question. So use it to your advantage and enjoy the board! View this funny and informative film about posting and searching…

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the forum. At the top of every board there are threads that are tagged as "Sticky" These threads are "Sticky" because they contain very important/valuable information about the VTX and everyone should read them.
The thread at the top of the 1800 tech board called, "Air, Fuel, Motors..." will answer most of the performance questions...

Also, update your Profile to include where you live and what type X you have to your Signature line. I.E. 1300/1800/C/F/N/R/S.
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