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2006 VTX1800N3 Stock except for Barnette Clutch Springs
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So I had a rattle at a certain "frequency" when riding. I played hell trying to find it. I thought it was the chrome radiator frame, or the mesh cover that is on the radiator. I took the frame all the way off because i was replacing the radiator fan. Once I did that I started the bike with the frame off, still the rattle. I rode the bike and got to the frequency that the rattle was the loudest and it was coming from my speedometer. Somewhere in there was the culprit. I took it back off and the screws had very small washers, some of them missing so I replaced them with thicker ceramic washers. The kit I bought was $9 on amazon. That fixed it completely. Just passing this on in case others might be searching for that mysterious rattle you just cant find.

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