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I just wanted to share a couple pictures of be the gas can I mounted on my 02. Fuel range is basically my only gripe about the bike - I generally get 120 miles before the light comes on which isn't terrible but for touring it leaves a lot to be desired. My body is usually ready to stop and stretch after 100 miles anyway but it's a drag planning everything around gas stations. Some extra emergency gas onboard is pretty important for me.

Rather than a regular gas can in the saddle bag or mounted vertically on the rack I tried one on these "mount anywhere" 5 liter cans. Black in colour and lockable. Plastic is super thick and has generous o-rings and gaskets to prevent drips. Fit good on my Cobra rack and with the flat mount style I can set my tail bag on top and it basically disappears from view.

My only concerns are heat and expansion especially with the black colour but I'm pretty confident the thick plastic will be up to the challenge. Anyone see any concerns with this set up? Just planning to use it for multi day trips.
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