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I posted this on the 1300 board, but it applies to 1800's as well.

Tonight, I went riding with my friends from my firehouse, and had a good time. On the way home, I started smelling gas,and I thought that maybe it was coming from one of the guys exhaust ahead of me.

We all pealed off one after another as we went our separate ways home. After I turned off and slowd down to 20 mph or so,, The smell of gas was still with me and getting worse. as I stopped the bike on the front lawn, I felt wet on my left calf. I reached down, thinking maybe the hose was off the selector, and I felt a large stream of gas flowing off the bottom of the selector switch. The hoses were on and tight, but the gas was flowing.

I got a 5 gallon bucket and wedged it underneath the stream, and grabbed a flashlight. There, to my fright, was a bike wet with gas all over my saddlebags, and the entire left side of the bike, wheel, tire and fender.. Thank God and the designers that the exhaust was on the other side.

I found out that there is a large clamping nut on the selector switch stem that enters the gas tank. The sucker was unscrewed all the way down the threads. I'ts a miracle that even more gas did not come out. It must have been vibration that loosened it

I tightened the nut and all is well, now.

For everybody out there, gas on the tire or the bike is a bad, dangerous thing.


I hate to think what would have happened if the one of my buds that smokes while he rides threw a cig out and a spark caught me.
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