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I am getting ready to road trip it up to Wisconsin on the 4th of July. Saturday I go over the bike adjust valves oil change and such. Rainy day out no big deal. Sunday go for a test ride all is good for about ½ hour then it cuts out no power jerks then clears up but now I get the decel popping common with open pipes. My TFI module bit the big one. With my luck I figured the 2 year warranty must have run out last month. After locating my invoice from HDL to my surprise it runs out next month. Monday I call Dobeck performance and talk with Matt. Told Matt it died and I was leaving on a trip over the forth. He said he would overnight the replacement my only cost would be for the shipping. Then just send him the old one when I get back. Well it just came in this morning all is good. Thanks for the good service Dobeck Performance! 8)
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