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Due to the recent budget cuts, by the U.S. Government, the scheduled 'fly over' during the opening ceremonies of The Guest House Poker Run, to honor our Veterans, was canceled. With this in mind, we decided to conduct our own 'fly over' with everyone in attendance at the Poker Run, receiving a paper airplane. As this 'event' has attracted the attention of the world community, Guinness World Records has authorized The NNVC to attempt a world record for ‘largest number of paper airplanes thrown at once'.

This will occur at 3:05pm, at the end of The National Anthem!

Be a part of history and toss a plane for our United States Veterans!

The total number is not important - it's the 'toss' that is important.

We need your attendance and participation in this endeaver. The invite is out to every citizen in Northern Nevada. We need to make a statement and we're going to do it in downtown Fernley on June 22nd. Bring your friends and fly a plane. We will post this all over the internet and bring attention to the Veterans and the plight of our military today. Please pass this on to everyone you know.

Brett G Palmer
Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition

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