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Ethanol causes many issues. All liquid evaporates and leaves residue behind.
Some automotive carb cleaner in a gallon size container. Emulsion tubes at jets will be the most difficult.
Some put nuts and bolts into the tank, then shake it until it shines to get out the residue.
Some coat the inside. Mathwiz used POR-15, just did his 6 year in storage clean up.
Someone else used EvapoRust., a chemical reaction with rust.
He did not have air on therefore vent clogged. He re-did the treatment and cleared the vent.
IF you seal---Keep air moving through the fuel tank vent.
MR VTX Carb 101>> Carb Cleaning 101

Any questions send a PM to Mathwiz and the guy that used Evaporust.
Evaporust thread Clogged vent cleared >> Gas tank pressurized - spraying gas out of gas tank cover
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