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Not sure if anybody else here uses the UClear HBC200 Helmet Communicators here but I have had a set for several years now and love everything about them. Communicate great, pair with a phone and play music perfectly. Only thing I didn't like about them at first was I thought they could not do music sharing which is to say, I thought I could not pair them with my passenger, and phone over Bluetooth at the same time so we could easily switch between talking and music. Well, it turns out you CAN. It took a little experimentation to get it working with my phone (Nexus 5x over Google fi service) ... and it's not exactly like UClear's instructions, or like the available YouTube videos that I found describing it so I thought I would share it here incase anybody else wants to give it a go

*first, I don't know if this is required but I upgraded the firmware on mine to the most current version available as of around October 2018 or so. Instructions and utility is available on the UClear web site*

Steps that worked for me as follows: (these assume you are already familiar with operation of the HBC 200 series devices, using an Android Phone or similar device for playing music, and have paired this device with at least one of the communicators and listened to music or whatever before)

1 - get into intercom mode, communicating between both helmets (power on with down button held down on the primary helmet and power on with the UP button held down on the other to pair them together)

2- get Bluetooth music playing in primary helmet by double clicking main center POWER BUTTON to TOGGLE over to phone Bluetooth connection (*this assumes you have already paired this device in the past and can connect to it*)

3 - then DISSCONNECT Bluetooth while music is playing on the phone itself (this shows up on my phone in the list of paired Bluetooth devices as an X button)

3- then double click DOWN BUTTON and the POWER BUTTON at the same time on primary helmet (this should result in the light flashing from blue to red)

4- double click UP BUTTON and the POWER BUTTON on the secondary helmet & wait for flashing red/blue to become blue

5- reconnect Bluetooth (using the phone... this may be just cycling the BLUETOOTH functionality on and off on your phone but on mine just selecting the disconnected device, reconnects it) & play some music. => Should NOW be playing on BOTH devices in both helmets

From this state you should be able to interrupt music on either device and go back to intercom mode by using the UP BUTTON & hold 2 seconds... after a static sounding tone, you will be able to talk. To Toggle back to music, double click the POWER BUTTON)

*they do sell a variety of head set/mic choices for helmet fitment, sound quality etc. I would recommend the upgraded headsets that work with the HBC 200 series for good volume, bass response etc, mine also give me clearer louder sound without any EQ settings enabled for the music player*
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