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I have a 2004 1800C that I removed the rear fender license/turn signal bracket. I side mounted the plate, and installed silver bullets in the rear fender strut holes. The lights mount with hollow bolts made for the silver bullets. It make the back of the bike look great without the plate blocking the rear tire.

Here's my problem...

I want to get a passenger backrest, but I don't want to move the lights. All of the ones I have seen mount in the middle and rear fender mounts. Kuryakyn makes on that moves from a driver to a passenger backrest, but it is ugly as hell. I was really looking into a Paladin removable system, but not sure if I can get it to work.

Has anyone been able to done any type of setup like this? I don't want to shell out hundreds for a Paladin, to find out I can make it work.
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