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Just wondering, I'm going to go with a HID light for the main light on the VTX.

I had a set for my 2005 Gold wing, and loved the light they put out, and was very happy with it.

I also have HID's in my 2008 Honda CR-V, as well as my wifes car which is a 2005 Accord.

Has anyone installed HID's on your VTX, and if so, how does the light pattern look on the road. Is the cut-off clean, or does the can just throw the light everywhere.

Also feedback on where you mounted the ballast as well

PS, I've had the Sylvia-star lights, as well as the Piaa Extreme white bulbs etc, and nothing compares to the HID lights, so I'm mostly looking for feedback on HID lights, thank you

PS, if you have pics I'd love to see them
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