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The woman and I played hookie from work last night and went cruising on our bikes. I actually went to work, but, called off from the parking lot. You know how it is.

Anyway, while we're out riding around we stopped in at the new Honda dealer in Marysville. They sell both bikes and cars.

They seem to be friendly enough folks. Salespeople had a real interest in our bikes and what we've done with 'em. Weren't pushy about anything and helpfull about everything.

Well, it seems they wanna join in on the Homecoming festivities. Said they're gonna have some vendors set-up on their lot. Mentioned Cobra and Kuryakin amongst others.

That Saturday, when they close at 6, they're having live bands and a beer wagon out in the lot. Might just be interesting.

The one salesman said he'd e-mail me more info Monday so whatever I find out I'll pass along.
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