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We didn't have any luck getting the models we wanted but here are some deals for those that might be looking. These are on the way to Shadyside, Ohio and are limited to what we get. First come, first serve.

Prices are out the door unless you live in Ohio and then you pay the sales tax and tag.

2005 VTX1800NC25 Orange $9839.00 SPEC 2

2005 VTX1800NC25 Silver $9839.00 SPEC 2

2005 VTX1800R35 Black $9859.00 SPEC3

2005 VTX1800RC35 Red $9939.00 SPEC3

Call Ralph in Shadyside, Ohio at 800-785-6761 if you need more info.

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right now in chicago land you can buy a 05 new 1300 for 5995.00 . im waiting for the 18 to drop agian i might buy another one and turn it in to a bagger . i paid 7500.00 for my 03 1800c in 04 brand new. it only sucks if your selling a used one. i have a feeling the 1800 is going to drop agian for no other reason than honda is going to need to get rid of all the old stock to release the new models (crossing fingers on a updated X)they are way over due . i may not want a old one if they up the power and put in a 6th gear .
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