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Alright, this aint my first rodeo, I've done a search and I'm getting sleepy. Somebody help me, please?

I need the bolt sizes for the deluxe backrest, should be the same for C or R. I recently sold my leatherlykes, bolts and all, and I thought I had all the right ones to go back into the backrest, but guess what? I don't. I'm pretty sure they need spacers and I got two that will fit the front near the seat, but the middle ones, I don't have, spacer or no spacer, what I have won't work. The ones up front seem to have heads on them, forgive my untechnicality, "spelling too", which are slightly concave, top 1/8th of the moon, something, don't know what to call them. The two I have for the middle, which are the same two that I use up front without the backrest, are kinda designed with what I might call thumb heads, where you can grip them between your forefinger and thumb and twist. I hope you guys know what I am talking about. These, I know, are not correct, not long enough.

Long story longer, what sizes do I need, give me the size for the middle ones, give me anything, help me. If my wife leans back one day and keeps on leaning back, I don't believe she's going to forgive me. :wink:

You guys are awesome and have never let me down and now I'm thru sucking, so help me please.
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