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how to improve mileage vtx 1800

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Hi. I am new on here. I've had a vtx1800 for a few years. I have read around online. I am trying to figure out how to get ber mileage, mpgs. I get 30-32. Would different pipes give me better fuel economy? does anyone know ways to get it in the 40s or higher. my system is stock. i do have a fairing. my buddy has the same year and model and a windshield and gets 34 so pretty close. any ideas are helpful. thanks
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I get 33 no matter what... so what? I like to play!!

Now I'm going to start an oil thread?

I like Amsoil, I like Mobile 1, just put in any old cheap walmart crap(oil is oil), The blue jug, the white jug, the grey bottles that are shaped like triangles are better than the white round bottles with the long neck, I use 10% olive oil and a little oregano (makes it smell aromatic as well as getting rid of the second gear clunck). Royal Purple (I do like the purple package), Oil changes... who does oil changes themselves?, I take mine to jiffy lube, Quaker State has Parafin(great for making candles and canning jelly but not so good for my baby's internal parts), Lucas has an additive, Murphy's Miracl oil all day long,
oem pure one/napa/wix/K&N/Mann/Fram/WalMart change em every oil change, change em every other oil change, 3,000, 5,000, 7,000 12,000, sent my oil to the lab(I can extend the change interval, but I won't cuz it's my baby), Drain it hot, drain it on the stand, drain it hanging from a hook from the ceiling, what's a crush washer? there's a drain bolt in the back of the pan? my bike only took 1 quart of new oil, is the stick acurate?

Sorry to hi jack but, I just wanted to talk about oil. nojoke:joke:nojoke
how much of this is 4 real? can jiffy lube really change yer oil?
you can install a power commander, pipes, airbox and have the bike custom mapped for better mileage but you will sacrifice power. 33 - 40 is average for most of us.
thats kinda exactly what i was wanting to know. the power can go down a lil, ok with me

i get 32 or 31 with a loaded trailer all thru WA OR and cali
thats kinda exactly what i was wanting to know. the power can go down a lil, ok with me

i get 32 or 31 with a loaded trailer all thru WA OR and cali
Yeah kinda sucks huh? My girlfriend has a hybird honda civic and it will get up to 50 mpg... and ya got a/c, stereo, reclining seats, and its great in the rain.
But I didn't buy my 1800 for fuel economy... I bought it for pleasure and really don't care what the mpg are, unless it suddenly dropped... but from what I've read this is something you always experienced.
You have a fully loaded 1800 pulling a trailer in the mountains or higher elevations... my thoughts are the ECM is doing it's job adjusting for that higher elevation and using more fuel than lets say sea level riding.
You could always go w/ the 1300 rear drive... I get no less then 40-42 on hiway 80mph 2up loaded down... no trailer. w/ 1300 drive

NOTE: I've been wrong in the past...
Let me make this easy... When I ride alone I get 100mi before the light comes un. When I ride 2-up I get 130+ Mi. Clear and convincing evidence that it has to do with the right hand. (2-up means that my better half does not like to drag off the light, do more than 75MPH etc). Change your riding a bit and you will see some results. Still, this is an 1800cc bike!
Yeah and you're one of those N riders too. They weigh 50+ lbs more. ;)
what ever you thank your getting is great.your having fun just go with would get better with a smaller bike,but would you have as much fun?
how much of this is 4 real? can jiffy lube really change yer oil?
Its all real TallBiker! my unicorn holds it up over the grease pit at Jiffy Lube. Nah just jerkin' your chain. I didn't have enough to do this morning and I am tired of the discussion around the mileage of the 1800. I disagree about the PC111 lowering gas mileage.

Here's why. I rode my bike stock for 2 years and averaged 30 mpg. then 2 years ago I added a pc111, roadhouse shorties and a kury hC, Had the bike dyno Tuned by a good tuner. he dialed that sucker in and it runs like a Raped Ape I noticed instead of the light coming on at around 95 mile it was coming on at 112 or so. I average now w the pc111 33mpg. Sometimes on a trip doing 70 to 80 by Garmin navigator( I don't look at my speedo) i'll get 38 or 39. like I said varied driving I get 33.

Whadaya want its a torque monster:doorag:

By the way my wife liked the scooter so its between a Kymco 250 ($$$cost $3000) or the 400 Burgman (almost twice as much $5990) of course she likes the burgman better. That'll save some gas right:dontknow:
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i must get on a diet... Lol (maybe i should get the wife on a diet... Let me go ask her...):yikes:
danger.... Danger.... Danger....
So on your custom map, you just lowered every number by 6?
My mileage was about 33-34. I read that the FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) in a common fail on the VTX. Won't cause the bike not to run, but will get poop for MPG and could smell gas and run real rich. I figured for the amount of money I've put into mods for HP, a $36 part to try to get better mileage was a good idea. BTW I am running cobra slashcuts, openairbox with K-N and a PCIII that had a dyno done. I took my dyno MAP and lowered every setting on the table -6 and re-loaded it on my bike. Kept my A/F curve, but leaned it a bit. Got 36-37. Just installed my new FPR and got 41-42 (Riding 75-80mph). I'm sure I will get better mileage on back roads when I get a chance to try. I'm not saying a FPR will work for everyone, but it did make a difference on my bike.
Any chance I could get that map off you
That was 15 years ago on a very old and no longer made fuel manager. He hasn't logged on in 3 years.
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