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Been quite a long time since I've been on.
Hope all are doing well.
See some familiar names on here, some new.
Still have the Red VTX1300S. Ride it to work about once or twice a week, weather permitting.
Been riding a lot less than I use to though, wife's back/neck/shoulder issues make it almost impossible now, so we end up doing other things on the weekends.

Thinking of selling it, but, well, not sure yet.
If I did, what are they going for now?
Mine is a 2005 with Memphis Shades windshield, progressive shocks front/rear, TONS of chrome, some extra lighting, highway bar, sissy backrest, etc. Fairly loaded.
Runs great, change oil every year start of year, I've done all of the maintenance, most of the time, not documented but done it. You can tell by how well it starts/runs.
I've seen numbers ranging from $5500 to $7500, just not sure where they are really selling at, thoughts?
With the wife's medical issues, friends drifted, we just don't get on it enough to enjoy it like we use to. Those were the days, cruising all over East TN / West NC with my buddies... Sonny, etc. oh well, time marches on.
I can post pics if anyone wants.

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