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Hello PA X-Riders,

I'm looking for some information regarding the roadways in the Hyner View area of Pennsylvania north of Lock Haven. I'm doing a trip in that area in June and would like to travel Hyner Mountain Rd., SR-120, SR-144 and SR-414. My route plans are to basically travel down from Buffalo on 62, head east on 666 to 948, travel south-east to Lock Haven for the night. Next day head north up to US-6, west to 219 and back north to home. Any of you folks that could give me some insight as to road conditions etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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I've been on 120 several times to Renovo. It is generally in good repair. A twisty mountain road with blind hills and corners. It has some straights and plenty or passing areas. If travelling in the morning or at dusk WATCH FOR DEER. Locals run the road like maniacs so look out.
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