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Me and some freinds are going to colorado for some of the ride in in July but we will then be heading on to the grand canyon and over to vegas and up to reno before heading back east to denver to pick up out trailer. my delima is I am not sure what the fuel situation is going to be from vegas to reno. If anyone has any advice on this trip please let me know. Also if there are any other unknowns please let me know. Thanks ahead of time for the help.

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The ride from LV to Reno is kind of boring but can be rather windy so be prepared for that. I would also recommend lots of water and a 'cool vest' for the July ride - can you say HOT!!!

Even if leaving LV with a full tank, top off at Indian Springs for a regroup and water stock-up then plan on the following fuel/food stops along US95:

Start...Las Vegas...
Indian Springs...45 miles
Beatty............. 74 miles
Tonopah......... 94 miles
Hawthorne....104 miles
Fernley..........100 miles
Reno.............. 35 miles

I make the trip between Reno and LV a couple times a year. Like I already mentioned, always be ready for strong winds, especially between Beatty and Hawthorne. Tonopah is the highest geographical point of the ride and the wind, along with the elevation rise, will reduce fuel mileage considerably. The desert can be tricky and there is no room for error so ride with care. You can almost forget about cell phones if there's an emergency because the repeaters are sparse.
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