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Maybe a bit esoteric, but mentioning this for anyone that has an Indian or other fender light on their bike, here's something small you can do over the winter if you have time and are bored.

After putting in the bright LED headlight, I felt, by comparison, that the light in the Indian fender light was a bit weak.

I ordered a 48 LED car courtesy light off of ebay, picture below. I figured that it would likely not fit in the existing socket, and it didn't. I think there are some that actually do, plug and play, but I wanted something really bright and attention grabbing.

Description of the light on ebay-there are alot of these, you should not have trouble sourcing it:
42mm 48 LED 3014 SMD Car Interior Light Bulb

Wattage of the bulb is 5 watts, and the existing bulb is 6 watts. Price - about two bucks :)

To install it, I did the following

1-Took out the center wire in the socket, which is the positive wire, completely, including the spring that holds it in place. The socket will become the holder of the negative end of the bulb, since it's already connected to ground
2-Soldered the NEGATIVE end of the bulb (you'll need to check which end it is by connecting it to a battery, like a 9V first) INTO the socket
3-Extend the positive wire (I did this by splicing a few inches to the existing positive wire) and solder it to the positive end of the bulb
3a-Make sure that the positive end is nowhere near the base which is negative ground, or, insulate the positive end, so that you don't blow a fuse
4-Put it all back together
5-Put on your sunglasses
6-Turn the power on :)

It looks great now to me. You can do similar if you have another fender light.

I didn't mind soldering it on, LEDs should last quite a long time, and the soldering job didn't take long at all, start to finish was about 45 minutes, including a few breaks.
20151124_114711.jpg 48ledIndianLight.jpg
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