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Harkon, there are many mysteries in life. This could be one of them.
Mowoc - did anyone else work on this 1800? Did you buy it new?
Did it rattle and this is an undocumented part??
Did the cupped rubber piece break and the large piece was placed on the backside??

Any 1800 owners remove this cover and notice a rubber washer on the inside??
I see StarrRider posted.
----------Searching left crankcase cover--------------------------------------------

#2 Aug 2, 2014
There should be rubber washers at the inside of the cover.
You may have lost one or two.
mark_1bx -
Did you have the cover off lately?? If so more than likely you lost one of the fiber washers. find something to replace the lost ones and silicone them in place. If you cant find anything make a ring with the silicone and let it set up before you bolt the cover back on.
Thanks for the reply Hans. Based on the past few posts it appears this is different than the item#20. You'd think it would be in the parts list ... but go figure.

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Harkon, apparently it rattled like the speedo which the owner did the fix.
Undocumented washers fixed the problem.
It was not until 2006 that Honda showed the 14 pin Yellow connector which I call Ground Central.
I should pay more attention, I did not see the washer until yesterday or today.
Something to keep us on our toes!

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Number 11 and number 16 bolts are the same number 5 is the insert that goes in from the inside I think, so do your own research $8 something a piece calls for 10 on the right side

Its number 5 the bolts for the right and left cover are the same

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