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Hello everyone,

My name is Mitch and I’d like to re-introduce Pulstar Spark Plugs to your forum. I understand that we’re not a new face around here, but due to a recent company revision I’ll be taking over as the new forum representative on your message boards. As a current site sponsor, I would like to address a few things concerning our current overall status on your forum.

First and foremost, I am writing to express my sincerest apologies if there have been any sort of conflict relationships with Pulstar Spark Plugs in the past. Our reputation is very important to us, and I’m here to ensure that your entire community has a positive experience with our company from this moment forward. Coincidentally, we just launched our new how it works video. It features actual footage of Pulstar’s plasma-forming pulse and improved fuel burn captured by AVL, a certified testing laboratory frequently used by most major automotive manufacturers.

You can watch that video here!

We developed this video in order to clearly explain and highlight complex subjects such as plasma physics, energy compression, and nano-plasma combustion chemistry to the general public. Our technical advisory committee helped us with this video. As you can already imagine, it contains some pretty complex science that needs to be understandable if you don’t happen to be a plasma physicist. Dr Claude Phipps (who actually is a plasma physicist and received his degrees from MIT and Stanford) alongside with Dr Tim Jacobs (the undergraduate program director and assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University) lent us their expertise for this video. You can learn more about it here. Hopefully this will serve to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Before you continue any further, listen up. I’ve been where you guys are. I know that there is nothing more annoying than a vendor that doesn’t interact with the community at all. Or even a vendor that has nothing relevant to contribute to the site and instead ends up cluttering it. Long story short, I’m here to change all of that.

Your support and continued partnership means a lot to us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to post below or PM me directly. I’ll do my best to reply back to you ASAP! Once again, thank you :)

- [email protected]


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