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Boots,, you need to find a Brand that makes boots that fit your feet..

no designing.. but YOU must search many brands or just get lucky

when I go canyon carving I use these
as they offer real good feel of the foot controls..

but when I am out riding.. I get my Boots at Boot Barn... standard motorcycle boots.. but 1/2 size larger for extra inner soles.

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The short answer is NO if you want on and off the MC and for walking.

I have a lot of leg and foot pain from too many years with the wrong shoes and on concrete floors.

I began 12 years and 200,000 miles ago with surplus Bate USMC gore tex boots. Good compromise. I did not realize they were Gore Tex until later.

The best all around I found for me were the SIDI Touring On Road Gore Tex. With inserts.
After breaking my leg I went to SIDI Adventure with semi custom inserts, not as comfortable but better protection.

If I plan to walk a lot sneakers are my go to.

The thing I have found to improve the comfort of all boots and shoes are special inserts. Even the ones at walmart will help.

Everyone's feet are different but custom, semi custom, or generic inserts will make them more comfortable.
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