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Doing a little garage cleaning, following items are for sale. Looking to sell locally before I put on main board.

You may have noticed from previous post I'm upgrading to an ultimate big boy seat. If anyone wants my old seat it's for sale $150. It has the mean city double decker mod* and also moves the rider forward and inch a down an inch. I found the placement didn't work for me being 5'10" but the seat itself was great to ride on and my butt never got tired. So if you are perhaps a little shorter it would be a great seat. I'll even let you test drive it for a weekend if you'd like. VTX1800C 2002

*DD seat mod description:
Double Decker Memory Foam Mod - $165
This modification was developed for the larger rider in mind but light weight riders are loving it also. In this modification we start by reshaping the seat for better comfort then add a 1 inch piece of 10 lb memory foam then we add a 5.5 lb 2 inch memory foam. This gives the seat a super plush feel. This modification keeps the sitting position is a near stock height but we can still move you back, forward or up.

1300 Final drive
Best offer

Chrome saddlebag brackets $20
These are like the ones in the photo below. I'm not home atm so can't get an actual pic. No mounting hardware.



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