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I installed my Jardine low backrest and brackets a few days ago. In the picture in, the backrest looks to begin just above seat level and end about 8" above the seat. IN REALITY, on the '05 VTX 1300C with a stock seat, the height of the backrest is 11" above the seat with a gap of 4.5" between the stock seat and the bottom of the backrest pad - big difference from the pic fellas. I emailed cruisercustomizing and told them I thought I was sent a mispackaged part since it did not look like the one in the picture. To my surprise, Tony from CCustomizing called me! Then he talked to Travis at Jardine. As instructed, I also spoke with Travis who looked at the pic on cruisercustomizing and said the seat was probably a Kawasaki's. He added that the backrest is UNIVERSAL and not made for any ONE particular bike. In the end, I learned I do have the low backrest. I'd like to post a pic or two with close-ups of the backrest and the measuring tape for anyone considering purchasing the Jardine; however, I don't know how to post the pics. If anyone would like to give me some easy to follow instructions, I'll be glad to post the pics with measurements for you.
Ride safely..............I am....joe clark :oops:
P.S. I think I'll keep the backrest as it is one fine looking piece of workmanship. And, as for cruisercustomizing, I'm happy with their response to my concern; I definitely was not expecting a phone call. 8)
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