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Just replaced my stock pipes , on my1300r, will the old pipes fit other vtx.s

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Just replaced my stock pipes, on my 07 vtx r will the old pipes fit other year bikes vtx.s ?
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2002-2007 1300 R/S/T as is. 2008-2009 will fit if you include the lower bracket (right in front of the rear tire). There was a different exhaust included on 2008+ R/S/T's, which required a different lower bracket, everything else is the same, so you just need the matching bracket with pre or post 2008. I have a 2009 with an aftermarket exhaust designed for pre-2008, I ordered a new pre-2008 bracket from

It might fit all year C models, with the matching rear bracket and modification of the C peg mounts, but it will not be a direct fit. It could be as simple as spacing out the bracket, or as difficult as modifying the mounting points, not sure.
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