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Got my kury deep dish bezels and installed my run/turn/brake module last night and ohmigod, what a difference. The bike looks awesome with the running lights and I get ALOT more lights on the rear when I break now. Am probably going to pull the LED in my rear light (LEDs are directional and the light socket points downward so was not getting the brights I expected) and go back to conventional light.

The run/turn break was an easy mod. Required a trip to Radioshack and $3 for bullet ends and connectors (little red bag) so that I could snap the stock wiring to the run/turn brake mod wires rather than solder the wires. Hate making permanent descisions on wiring when I am not an electrician and can now just unplug the mod and go back if I ever decide to do so. Used plenty of electrical tape to ensure that connections are not jostled lose and all the wiring fit nicely under the RHS chrome side cover.

This is a great/cheap mod (cost me $30 for the used kury system) and looks great when running the new red lamp deep dish bezel lights. Do not know how to post on site but would be glad to take pics and email if anyone is interested in going after this mod.

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