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Oh, and the dad (LaVar) should serve his kid's sentence in China. Maybe he'll learn appreciation for freedom.

My guess is that if LaVar had a choice to serve for his kid or to let the kid rot, the kid would see his old man's real mettle. I'll bet LaVar is also a coward .. whattaya think?
I don't think I could post what I really think and not get banned, enough said

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Demented: LaVar Ball Goes on CNN, Says It Is UCLA Coaches’ Fault His Son Stole In China (Video)

LaVar Ball just can’t stop making a scene. First, he picked a fight with President Donald Trump after Trump rescued his son and other UCLA players after they were arrested for shoplifting in China. Now, he’s blaming the coaches and the NCAA, saying that’s why he pulled his son from UCLA.

A day after LiAngelo Ball parted ways with UCLA, LaVar Ball blamed the Bruins’ coaching staff for last month’s shoplifting incident during a team trip to China. LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA players were detained on charges of stealing before their eventual release.
“There’s no accountability to them?” LaVar said of the coaches during an interview on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday morning.

Without naming coaches, LaVar was critical of head coach Steve Alford and his staff for placing blame on the players — LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill — and not taking more responsibility. LaVar said the coaches should have enforced stronger rules during the trip.

Um, LaVar? Who was it the cameras caught shoplifting at Louis Vuitton?

It wasn’t the coaches, it was your son and the other players. They were playing in China representing the United States and their actions were embarrassing to themselves, their school and the country.

And the only reason they’re not in jail is that Trump used his influence and got them out.
The players were suspended for their actions and told they would have to earn their way back onto the team after the embarrassment.
“Let’s stand up to bat (for the players) and say you’re the coach,” Ball told CNN. “Coaches are making enough money. They’ve gotta hold some accountability.”

“You shouldn’t hang them on the cross for this long for that,” Ball said. “A kid wants to play basketball all his life. You take that away, that’s worse than jail. Why should we as parents and adults keep jumping on them? It’s not like we’re going through life without making mistakes. … China already forgave the boys. They returned it. Why keep them from playing sports and take their meal passes? You already sent a message. They already apologized. What’s the big deal?”
And you wonder why a son might steal when his father thinks he should have no consequences for his actions? Because, of course, what his child wants or needs takes precedence over the law. And everyone, apparently is to blame, except him or his son.

Ball said he wasn’t going to let UCLA or the NCAA stop his son.

“UCLA bring my boy down. … We’re not gonna sit back and let an institution tell us what to do.”

“We’ve got the NCAA holding him back,” Ball said. “One of the main reasons he went to UCLA is to play basketball. That’s his passion. And for them to prolong this and go on and on, it’s ridiculous to me.”

And it’s very clear that he doesn’t see UCLA as a college where his son might actually get an education, but just as a feeder step on his way to the NBA.

Despite pulling LiAngelo, LaVar Ball still intends to send his youngest son, LaMelo, who is in high school, to UCLA.

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