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My Secret!

Over the years, I've tried it all. Mink oil, neatsfoot oil, The Tannery, etc. Even BMW's 2-step cleaner that costs more than their cars and takes hours.


Your Ford dealer sells a "leather and vinyl cleaner" that is wonderful.
Rub on thoroughly, wait 30 minutes to allow preservatives to soak-in well, buff to shine and remove excess.

The wife had light-grey leather upholstery in her car, and I used this to clean it. Did a wonderful job.

She had a pair of ivory-colored leather pants that got messed up at the office, dirt, ink, etc. I figured what the heck, and tried the cleaner on it, and it got them spotless.

It also contains silicone, which helps to protect the leather and helps shed water and stains.

Best news is, it's cheap. Last time I bought it, it was $5.95 for a bottle-- about a pint. I stock-up. I use it on the leather furniture, too. I'm out right now, or I'd give you the Part#.

I use it on my leather jacket all the time. The jacket is over 15 years old, still shiny and supple, and sheds water almost as good as rubber or plastic. Good on gloves and boots, too.

Only thing it is not good for is removing bugs. I use Kiwi saddlesoap for that, then follow up with the cleaner.
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