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( Idea stolen from the above thread: )

Here are the rules:

Take a picture of your bike with the challenge object. All photos MUST have your BIKE in them!

  1. No National Chains (too generic and common)
  2. All Tasks/sites/challenges will conform to being legal acts (No 100+MPH speedo shots, or knee dragging, or racing)
  3. If a challenge is not met within a 72hr period, the current winner will have to make a new Challenge.
  4. No photoshop.
  5. All photos must be NEW, taken AFTER the challenge was posted. (Please don't cheat, it ruins the game!)
  6. The person that comes back first with the picture is the new winner and decides the new challenge. You can't fill your own challenge!
The point of this game is to get out, get riding, and go have some fun!

Here's the first challenge: Let's see a picture of your bike next to a city ME SPECIFIC Business... Must be in ME Only!

The first person to come back with that picture is the winner and must post a new challenge!

Game on! :twisted:

Lets give it a TRY People! This board is on LIFE SUPPORT! nojoke
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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