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flew to indy and picked up 100fps bike 2002 warrior........... flew down and loked at the tire and shook my head. screwit i didity any way, mad it to albertville round 1000 at night.... the pics tell it all. i had full protection and was on my best behavior

it was one of those ..... this is stupid but ill do it anyway

(i called chris and told him to get a trailer 3 miles before it blew)


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i try not to hassel anyone with wife or kids, besides i left my bike n key at a buddys hose and by the sounds of it he put more miles on it than i put on chris's :lol:

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or do I just put a car tire on it
NoNoNo don't do the car thing you'll crash standing still, won't be able to turn and melt in the rain OR you might like :D

I'm glader that it didn't blow going a 100. Oh ya he said he was on his best behavior so 95. I still owe him a sack of Castles for the cover :lol:

Hey Broacho, Bill says hi. You made a CD about making your parts for your bike 8) that I'd like to see.
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