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Any long-distance riders in the group?

I am embarking on a motorcycle trip this summer. This will be my first “long” trip that I have taken. My previous long trip was about 1,400 miles in 2004 over Memorial Day weekend, when friend and I rode up to the Black Hills and back. This trip is planned for about 3,500 miles over 11 days, excluding recreational riding.

The best way to describe the trip is to lay out my plan for riding / destinations, and then allow you to make a decision if you want to come along.

Wed, July 20 Depart Omaha, ride to Geneseo, IL; camp
Thu, July 21 Ride to Sturgis, MI; meet Jan; ride to Lima, OH
Fri, July 22 attend BMWMOA “Beemerville” in Lima, OH
Sat, July 23 attend Beemerville
Sun, July 24 Depart Lima, ride to Boone, NC, camp
Mon, July 25 Depart Boone; ride the Blue Ridge Parkway
Tues, July 26 Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway / Skyline Drive
Wed, July 27 Depart BRP; ride north to western Pennsylvania; camp
Thu, July 28 Ride to Bigler, PA; camp at friend’s farm;
Fri, July 29 Recreational activities; recreational rides
Sat, July 30 Depart Bigler, PA;
(attempt Iron Butt Association’s “Saddlesore 1000”)
Sun, July 31 arrive Omaha, NE by 12 noon

So, that is about it. A BMW owner in Fremont is planning on attending Beemerville, but he is going to ride the entire 767 miles to Lima, OH on a single day (Friday), and return on Sunday in a single day.

Again, let me know if you are at all interested.
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