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Can any one help me out here and what are the different settings for and what do they do :?: :?: :oops:


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Instruction Manual > 92-0650 Page 3 of 3
Your Cobra Fi2000 fuel injection module has been tested and preset for best function and drivability on a
stock motorcycle with a Cobra exhaust. The Fi2000 does however, have 3 important adjustments that
allow you to tune the module for optimum performance, especially if you have performed other changes to
your motorcycle. These adjustments also allow you to resolve drivability issues if our stock settings are
not exactly right for your bike. Make sure your motorcycle is up to normal operating temperature (15
minutes of riding should be sufficient) before making any adjustments. Remove the cover to expose the
pots shown in figure 2.
GREEN LED POT (left pot) - this adjustment affects idle and cruise fuel. If you have cruising issues, this
is where you would try a different setting. Generally, surging and uneven running while cruising is a lean
fuel condition, so try adding a small increase in fuel by turning the adjustment clockwise with a small flat
blade screwdriver a 1/2 position. Test drive the bike to feel an improvement and only increase the setting
until the surge goes away. Also, backfiring or popping on trailing throttle is generally a lean symptom (or
an exhaust gasket leak). Try the same small increases as above just until the backfiring goes away.
YELLOW LED POT (middle pot) - this adjustment affects acceleration and power fuel. If you have a
hesitation or bogging on acceleration, this is where you would try a different setting. Aftermarket air
cleaner assemblies generally lean out fuel mixtures, so try small clockwise increases as above until a
smooth acceleration returns.
RED LED POT (right pot) - this pot controls the top end (power) fuel. On most bikes the factory gets the
top end fuel right, as emissions testing is not done there and most exhausts by themselves won't
dramatically change that requirement. Hi-Flow air cleaner assemblies, especially those that remove a lot
of restriction, can significantly alter the high R.P.M. demand for fuel. This is where you would use the red
led pot. Starting at the 3 position, to be safe, test ride the motorcycle up to redline and adjust the pot until
you feel the best performance.
If you have any problems refer to note 9 in the main body of the instructions.
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