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Does anyone know where i can find a luggage rack for a hondaline deluxe backrest kit.the one honda has is 199.00.i don't want to pay that much.Anyone know where i can get one cheaper?

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HondaDavidson said:

Check this one out. I have it and it is identical to the Hondaline one . Cant tell the difference.
cantex said:
the rear carrier from cruiserbackrest WILL NOT work with the Honda delux backrest

but try this site
Cruiserbackrest makes 2 different for the standard and one for the Deluxe...I have the Std and ordered the deluxe trim by them and they will talk to you about it.

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ebay bestem

There is a luggage rack on ebay for $90 that they claim is made to Honda OEM standards. In Phoenix the local shop is matching bikeweek prices of $140 for Hondaline.

Hope this helps.


Well this has got to be the FIRST time I've seen a HondaLine part
(or any part for that matter) that's actually CHEAPER in Canada :shock:

$169 CAN = $134 U.S.

I thought it was a TYPO, so I went to the dealer to make sure
Yup, that was the I grabbed the last one they had in stock
before they realize it :twisted:

My Price for the Deluxe BackRest and Pad its $263 ouch :shock: (vs HondaLine USA $253US)
and for the Deluxe Brackets is $226 double ouch :shock: :shock: (vs HondaLineUSA$131US)

Total $489 Can. (without luggage rack), vs $384 HondaLine U.S.A.
so I picked up an e-bay set this week for $225U.S. ($276 Can)

I just have to figure out how to make it fit with my Beetle Bags now :?
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