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I have a big 2000+ mile trip from Va to SC and back coming up, so I thought I'd do some maintainance. My battery was fine, but old, so I ordered a new one as well as an oil filter, some shaft oil blah blah blah from HDL. The package was late so I checked the tracker online and saw it had been at the local FedEx sorting facility for a few days. I called FedEx and they said they would look into it.

Four days later, I get some e-mails from FedEx saying they had an inspector on it but no news. So, I call the sorting facility myself. They said the package may have broken up and want to know what was in it. I tell them and they say it indeed broke up and covered everything in the shipment with acid from the battery. I ask them if anything is salvagable and they check again. Now its all "oops", it was the shaft oil that broke, not the acid. But "oops again", they threw out everything BUT the battery (which they never sent to me). This sounds fishy (if they thought there was acid, wouldn't the battery be the first thing to go?) and I've had a lot of problems with FedEx abusing packages in the past, so I shoot an e-mail to HDL and explain my situation.

I get a message back from "Chris at HDL" that says, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." Three days later I have the whole shipment (via UPS) - now it's all in my VTX and I'm ready for my trip.

Moral of the story? HDL rocks!
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