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This poem was in new issue of Red Rider mag. I like it and hope you dont mind. It was written by Paul Ristine he is 72 years young and has been riding 55 year . His sister asked them to publish it for his birthday july 7 .If it has been posted before my apologies.

A Bikers Freedom

Having cabin fever and feeling depressed
I decided to do what I like to do best
Some heavy warm clothes
would be needed for sure
The temp outside was about 34

With helmet in place and a pat for the pup
I uncover my ST and fire it up
The engine is smooth,the exhaust note is crisp
I know there is power with a twist of my wrist

Out on the highway the wind in my face
My worries have vanished not even a trace
The speed is exciting the traffic is not
But if I want to ride what choice have I got.

The feeling of freedom covers my soul
I will keep riding till I reach my goal
I am just an old biker who loves to be free
Riding my ST does that for me

So I will keep riding as long as I can
And I will know in my heart
I am a bike-riding man
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