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Here's the way I'd design a metric dream team week for a build that involved some of the characters (I mean that in a good way in case you are wondering) to build a really slick bitchen custom for a Metric build-off.

In no particular order:

Big Joe / Matt from Kewl Metal - milling out masterpieces
Rob from Brown County - carving up a chassis
German Pete - spritiual consultant to the other world
Paul Mott - design and concept
Lamont - welding and Nitrous
Kurt from Glacial Graphics - Paint
StreetMuscle - Paint and a psycho idea or two
Michael Payne - fit and finish
Al (motor) - Make big HP
me (hey, somebody has to throw wrenches)

That's my list.........who would you have on your team?


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Drew of HDL - Wrench, parts reqisitioner

Mike Busher of Extreme Metrics, Inc - Front End parts guy

Rob of Black Bike Fame - Frame and Backend, wrench

Mike Bumgardner Artist - Paint and pinstriping

ME Of course - Tank and Tins, wrench

Brian Dady of the Motorcycle Clinic - ENG, Overall concept designer HMFIC

This my fellow Xers is an unbeatable Team.
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