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I ordered a MojoLever and received it today.
I change my own tires on a No-Mar Cycle Hill HD Plus Motorcycle tire changer and have up until now used the No-Mar mount/dismount bar that came with the tire changer.
I've changed around 15-18 tires on it since buying it and have for the most part been happy with the purchase.
My critiques would be:
The clamps used to dog the rim down to the machine.. "Posi-clamp Wheel Clamps" Could be a little more robust.
This is what it is and I chalk it up to it being basically a DIY type tool vs a professional/shop tool.
The Dismount end of the mount/dismount bar seems somewhat prone to breakage. They do offer replacement tips.
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As the pictures show the Delran is machined with a shoulder to fit into the hollow end of the dismount bar, it also is cross drilled to accept a set screw to retain it in the bar.
I broke one of the tips basically at the shoulder/cross drill area and am close to breaking a second.
I'll admit I'm no tire changing expert :rolleyes: and don't discount the possibility of some operator error but it also seems possible that the shoulder and cross drill might also weaken the plastic at the joint.
I don't want to sound like I am bashing No-Mar, I have been very happy with my purchase overall. I've made the $$ for the initial purchase price back easily by not having to pay exorbitant local motorcycle shop tire changing fees. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.
The MojoLever tip is mounted with a bolt up through the center.
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I haven't used it yet but this design seems like it will help me from breaking tips off in the future.
The bar itself is solid as well vs the hollow No-Mar bar. It definitely appears to be extremely well made.
Corresponding with Mitch prior to, during and after my purchase was easy.
He responded immediately (usually within minutes) to answer my questions, for order confirmation, and with shipping info.
I'm not affiliated with either company.

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Thanks for the information. In the old days I used to change my tires that all used tubes, were narrow, and were more flexible. But in the last twenty years. with tubeless tires they are too stiff for me to do it with tire irons. I have thought about buying a tire changer, but at my age, it probably wouldn't be a good idea. I say get one before you are too old to justifying buying one.
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