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I think "Fury" may have been a little over the top (I do think its a great bike from Honda though and it WILL do well) and it was a way for Honda to keep up.
Do you remember all those Harley ads and the CrossBones ads with skaters?(Skateboarders)

One comment my friend made to the Honda R&D guys was he wished one model was more "mean" and "aggressive" looking. (He's an 1800 rider)

I can see where they went with the advertising, I think my age (late thirties) is borderline on how I could feel about Facebook and Myspace etc... BUT it has
become a powerful marketing tool. Exile Cycles and Sucker Punch Sallys (a personal fav ((and Im glad they got the Progressive sponsorship and where at the show)) and many others are out there using it.

One thing many people are saying, including myself is about the timing. But if this bike had come out back when the "chopper" was being revitalized I doubt they could of pulled it off in the way they did and for under 15k.
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