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Ok....its MY turn to start yet another oil-related thread...LOL

Is anyone running Motul standard oil?

I use to run Motul 3000 in my ATVs years ago.....

Back in April, when I did my last oil change, switched from Mobil 1 bike oil to half Honda oil (standard) and half Motul (standard...its what I had laying arounf.....and my clutch problems stopped.

So I want to stay with dino oil and remebered how respected Motul was back then.

Well, found out that the Motul 3000 oil is a parafin based oil.....Isn't this bad?? I know with my Durango, I was told that parafin (wax) based oils will sludge up fast.....

What say you all?

I was looking locally for it but cant find it, so I went online to see if I could locate some and found the info that said it is parafin based.....

Thanks for any feedback....
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