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I just purchased a seat for my 1300R, and I must say that all my expectations were met to the letter, I'm happy, my wife's happy, but this is only part of the story, and just to be fair, I have to say that after the treatment that I received by two of the several dealers of this product, I felt forced to call Mustang directly to ask their opinion according to what my needs were.
A very polite lady answered the telephone, and after explaing the reason for my call, I was directed to a very knowledgeable gentlemas, who suggested that the seat that I was looking for, was not the one that I needed (info that the retailers could figure when I asked, they just wanted me to tell them all the info in their website, getting annoyed because I was not sure of the type and size of seat that I required), thus assured me that the product suggested by him will be the proper item, and also reassured me that if I was not satisfied with it he will take it back for fiull refund minus the shipping charges (a whole $10.00 for both ways).
It was a Monday when I called, and I needed it to be on my bike by no later than end of day Thursday, he again assured me that I will receive it by Thursday with no problem, lo and behold... I received the seat on tuesday morning, shipping costing me a "whooping $5.00". :eek:
I have dealt with several outlets in the internet, ans so Mustang is the best in consumer relations, and "the best seats in the house"
Give them hell Mustang,,,, they have yet to catch up on the client relation side let alone product quality.
Corbin, are you reading this,maybe someday both your product and particularly costumer treatment might improve, good luck.

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