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Its been a long time since I posted- hope everyone is well.

I am parting with a number of my VTX accessories and before I post on the classifieds board (and eBay), I am giving my fellow IL VTX riders the first shot. PM me if interested.

Items are below- thanks in advance!

1. Studded Ultimate Big Boy Seat + studded passenger seat + studded backrest:
Used but excellent condition $550 (+ shipping if necessary)

2. Hondaline chrome deluxe backrest & pad, complete with chrome mounting brackets:
Used, just a few scratches on chrome but otherwise good condition $250 (+ shipping if necessary)

3. Honda studded leather saddlebags, complete with mounting kit:
Used, one of the snaps came off of one of the bags which cannot be seen when the bag is closed- otherwise excellent condition ($525 + shipping if necessary)

4. Honda leather studded tank belt:
Used $75 (+ shipping if necessary)

5. Memphis Shades 21” Fats Clear windshield, complete with mounting kit + lower deflectors and mounts:
Used- great condition w/all hardware $275 (+ shipping if necessary)

6. Honda VTX 1800C risers:
Used, black smudges from leather handlebar bag, $85 for the pair (+ shipping if necessary)
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