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We installed the Raked triple tree on our VTX1300C today. Also put on the new Superbrace on the fork tubes. Only rode it about ten miles at less than 70MPH just to get a feel. I plan on riding it up to Leesburg this weekend and will probably have close to 1,000 miles after I get done doing all the things I want to do.

So I will make a report on how the new front end seems to work.

Here are some dimensions I just took off of the bike and also added the stock Honda dimensions.

5.9 inches stock
4.5 on my VTX`1300C

Seat height
27 inches stock
25 inches on my VTX1300C

64.45 inches stock
72.5 inches on my VTX1300C (that includes the 4 inch longer rear end plus the longer front end created with the raked triple tree)

For you to compare how much further out my front end is if you measure horizontally from the back bottom edge of the fender to the radiator it is 6.5 inches. Based on the stock numbers above it should calculate that my front end is 4 inches longer than a stock VTX1300C. 72.5 minus 4 inch longer swing arm equals 68.5 and subtract the stock wheelbase of 64.45 and that equals 4.05 inches longer on the front end.

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