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I sent the below request to LaMonster today via PM. This was per our meeting the other day. Wanted to put it here too so you all would know that the request has been made.


We on the North Florida board had a meeting last week and came to an agreement that we would like to change the name of our board from North Fla VTX Riders to First Coast VTX Riders and asked me to ask you if this can be done and if so will it cause us to loose all our post. If that would happen then leave it as is. If we can change the name and keep all our post then please do it for us.


Stu Pylant

I will post this on the North Fla board so you will know that the others know about this request

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they will probably have to keep north florida,
for the simple reason there are several counties
in the interior of this division. not coastal.
we have 4 divisions south, central, northwest, and north florida.

so to get first coast vtx riders we'd need them to creat a new division.
which i think includes nassau, duval, st.johns and flagler counties, parts
of clay and putnam if that is county palatka is in.
i think it includes the first coastal county of georgia to, camden
where st.marys and kingsland are.

they need to have a map of how they broke florida down
to the 4 divisions they have now, to determine how far
central comes up and where northwest and north florida split.

just my thoughts on the situation i totally would like to see happen.

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we did not get the name change,
so my next suggestion to you guys/gals
is lets build our own site with forum.

i have some experience in this , since i play
pc game first shooter like Medal of Honor.
and been in a gaming clan for sometime.

we build our own sites for that.
"The First Coast Cruisers"
that way our friends that screw'd up
and bought a different bike from our's,
can be a part of it.

i can get it pretty much free , and a domain free as well.
i can look into it if you want.

this way we stay here and have our own thingy on the side.

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You said:
we did not get the name change
But Lamont had said this in response to your request:
but I guess I need to know if this is a group decision or what. I don't really see why you need to change the name but that's up to the members. Let me know.
Lamont wants to make sure that everyone is in agreement so that no one else will post this:

apparently you do not understand,
the reason i for one was on it so hard is he forgot
that this is about US the members. and this forum is for US.
he stepped out of his place when he did not include
the members of Fl. VTX Riders in the decision.
it is simple he should of polled the logo situation.
How does he do that and make sure everyone is happy? Have you polled the group? This isn't meant to give anyone a hard time. We just don't want a repeat problem. Don't you agree that this is the best approach?

P.S. I hope I can make it to Leesburg.

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yup Hal, hope you make it man,
bring that bad a$$ black bike with the frickin' fat tires :p

i'm sure VorTeXx will talk and hash out the situation with you guys.

we just up here in our little corner of paradise,
would like our little corner seperate for the rest.

we do want to stay in the VTX and VTXoa, but we would like
to be recognized as The First Coast , i know that there is more
counties to north Florida. we just want the five/ maybe 6
Nassau , Duval , Clay , St. Augustine, Flagler
and maybe Putnam county which hold Palatka,
Interlachen and Melrose.

no biggy , we will if have to stay north florida.
we can start us up a seperate website and forum for
our group.

we are not going to leave this site.
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