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need to have a meet up & group ride in Oklahoma! who's in?

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We need to have a meet up and ride for those of us in Oklahoma. Maybe a meet in Tulsa and OKC areas? meet up at Pops, Hooters, TP's or something, eat and then do some riding as a group? I have a couple of other guys who would like to tag along as well so if you have a riding buddy/buddies then invite them also if you'd like. We're a pretty diverse group as one rides a Triumph and the other a HD. Would like to meet some of the other members and check out the rides.
Anyone interested? If so let's pick a day...
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CROWE, get that bike ready man! I can't wait to see it.
We are getting closer. Should be in paint this weekend. Should be riding 10 days after that.


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Looking good Crowe.

This transmission is NSA certified & compliant.
thank you. hope to have it back from paint and ready to ride 5/2. may need to do a little ne ok meet and greet over a beverage that weekend. i will be anxious to show her off.
So it seems like the weekend of the 10th looks good??

Are you all more into a morning ride and get breakfast or mid morning ride and get lunch?

I've got a date with my wife that evening so as long as I'm home mid-late afternoon, I'm good.

Stillwater sounds cool. School should be out and the kids gone. Or I'd be good with Stroud. Never been to Mullhall?

West and central folks figure out your travel plans and us eastern folks can meet up at a big gas station like the QT near the Hard Rock?
I'm not sure how long of a ride I can take with the new set up. Right now I have the saddlebag lids secured with painters tape :oops: between the bike and bag. Thats the thing about custom work is that is is truly custom. So currently the bags are only for looks and not function. However, I may just put some extra tape on it :yikes:

(Note: any ideas and help on secure catches is appreciated) :tools:

Where are most of the NE OK folks from? Could always meet at QT by the Hard Rock at 8am. Unless there are alot of west Tulsa folks meeting up we could change the venue and time. I'm open to suggestions. Is there any central or west OK folks meeting up in Stroud or Stillwater?


If there is no other responses...........

I will make the executive decision to meet at QT across the highway from the Hard Rock at 8am and leave out by 8:30am for Stroud. Can take the Turnpike out there and those that want a leisurely ride back can take that and the others can hop back on the Turnpike?

I would rather not be road captain on this ride but if need be we will take 412/44 west to 169 south to the Creek Turnpike to I44 west on the Turner Turnpike to Stroud. Make sure you have change or a pike pass.

Really need some feedback from the OK City and West OK folks. Otherwise we can do a local meet and greet over breakfast at the IHOP near by and whoever wants to ride can do so and go wherever.
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Just to confirm the headcount:
Stephen918-(till 9:30)

Anyone else interested [OK City too] please let us know. If there are no others interested then I will meet you both at the IHOP in Sand Springs for breakfast and decide what to do from there. If we get some OK City folks wanting to meet up then we can breakfast in Stroud?

I will see you guys at the old town cafe. Sounds much better. Unfortunately I can't ride as long as I'd like cuz of a few unforeseen things I need to tend to at home. Looking forward to breakfast with you all
Well the 2014 First Meet, Greet, Breakfast, Roadkill Ride and Bike Show was a huge success. Thanks to all who could attend.

Congratulations to Ship for winning the Best of Show in the Custom Bobber Class. Truly an impressive ride with some fantastic custom craftmanship.

I was fortunate enough to take the Best of Show in the Custom Bagger Class.

Trophies are to be handed out at a later date ;) over some cold adult beverages.

Thank you again Ship and I look forward to seeing you again soon


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