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Hey Guys,
Some of you may remember Jim's accident back in Oct. Hit by an SUV...uninsured driver...almost died...3 months in the hospital and lost his left leg.
Well he's well on his way to recovery and is learning to use his prosthetic leg now. He has made a great recovery thanks to lots of prayers from friends and family.
A close friend in South Eastern Ma. has organized a poker run and a dinner at the end of what looks like a great day of riding. The date is June 5th. Anyone who may want to join the run and support Jim and his family can contact Joe Foley at: [email protected] or call him at 1-774-488-6788.
Jim may actually ride with the group if the possibility of a Trike for him works out!!! After what he's been through the chance to be in the wind again would just be unbelievable...Please help spread the word on this great effort to help out a great guy and a fellow rider.
Thanks all.
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