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i have a friend who was 46 years old,
and just past away on sunday.

STACHOWIAK- Robert Christopher, 46,
passed away April 4, 2005.
hardage Giddens Funeral Home

Bob, he was a friend and old co-worker bud for 12 years.
he left behind his wife , Dawn , she doesn't work.
he has always been her provider.
now he is gone and i'm sure she is going to need some
couple days before he died we were in my backyard
talking as we occasionally got to do when he was not out working
everyday it seemed like. and he told me he had about 6 months
of big bills to clear up and he was going to get a bike, finally after all
these years. he'd glow when he looked at my bike and always
say "i can't wait , me and Dawn have been waiting like forever
to get another bike."
my wife Cathy seen him sunday evening working in his driveway,
i saw him for the last time alive that night as i walked my 2 dogs.
(wished i'd of been able to chat with him that night.)
because 6:30am monday morning the last time i saw Bob
he was being loading into the coroner's van.

like i said his wife has depended on him for everything,
now he is gone and i know she could use help.
she is to proud to ask for help.
i just think it would be something to think about,
least you know exactly where the money a charity ride makes
would be going.

think about it please. Thank you , and all ...Be Safe

Sounds like a good idea. Sorry for the loss. Put this on the Central board, maybe we can put together a ride and get some money together. You never know when it could be of us. :(
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