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Hey all laserman (Gregg) and myself (Mishka) have been in business together for a while now and talked to La monster and thought it to be easier to have a CYCLE GRAFIX log on for you all.

So you can still contact laserman or myself through our normal accounts or contact both of us here.

If you havent seen the site in a while take a minute and look, we offer speedos for 1300 and 1800 vtx. Custom graphics, full and partial cycle wraps. As well as truck window graphics, KILLER garage banners and club decals.

1.If your one of the many that have done business with us in the past please take a good photo of the product on your bike and email it to us. We want to show case your bike on our webpage.

2.We are now taking orders or your states vtx decals.
Many states have asked us to do a 3x3" decals for helmets,bikes,car windows etc....$1.50 each min order 25. So get together, figure out what logo you want and have one memeber contact us and we will go from there.

Thank you for your past, present and future business.
We are a proud sponser of this site!!
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