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Was looking for a place to mount a POW/MIA symbol on my bike.

I found this, cast metal, trailer hitch receiver cover online, shown in the photo.

My first thought was to make a backrest trim plate and place the emblem there.

For fun, I placed the emblem between the risers and found it was the perfect place to mount it. The risers, and handlebars seemed to make the great frame.

I had to cut down the square tubing on the back of the emblem (the part that slides into the hitch receiver). I left about 3/16ths of an inch. This made a small "pool" where I placed 4 threaded inserts into and then filled with epoxy. This gave me a way to bolt into the back of the emblem.

I made an aluminum plate with two tabs extenending on the left and right. The plate is shaped exactly the same as the emblem, only about 3/8 inch smaller. This plate was drilled with four holes to line up with the threaded inserts on the emblem. I placed two P Brackets on the risers. The tabs on the bracket were bolted to the P Brackets. Then, I could mount the POW/MIA emblem with 4 small bolts, through the plate and into the threaded inserts in the back of the emblem. The aluminum mounting plate was polished up and looks nicely finsished from the back.

This could be a way for anyone to add some individuality to their bikes, ie. sports teams, military, patriotism, skulls, ghosts and such. Whatever fits your theme.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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