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I have a new Mustang driver and passenger seat for sale. Road twice with it. Less than 1hr of ass time. I bought this from Cruiser Customizer they are both on sale and on back order. I beat their sale price. If in Mass, save on shipping we can meet up.

Selling the pair/set

Solo Seat $298.80 I will sell for $270

Passenger $188.10 I will sell for $160

Mustang VTX 1800 solos and passenger pads are designed for maximum comfort, and are available in four versions: Vintage, Studded, Vintage with Driver Backrest, and Studded with Driver Backrest. Mustang offers three versions of their solo and matching pad. The passenger sits comfortably in a 12.5" bucket that utilizes Mustang's unique internal steel support wings.

Both the solo and pad are built on marine-grade fiberglass baseplates, complete with chrome mounting hardware. All styles feature braided edge trim. Mustang VTX 1800 seats measure no higher than stock seats, but may initially feel slightly firmer.

Vintage Sport Touring Seat: The same specifications as the Studded Sport Touring style with braided edge but no studs.

Asking: $430 + $25 shipping unless in MA. We can meet up to exchange.


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