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Have a relatively new Rifle fairing with a set of clear lowers. I bought this last summer and had it on the bike for a month or two. I liked it but the wife preferred the old clearview windshield which was a little taller so I switched it back. So, I’m letting this go so we can get some Christmas presents for the little ones.

I paid over $600 for this and it’s a great fairing. It has the high clear touring shield. The bag that came with it didn’t lock so I replaced it with a good quality Saddlemen bag which I paid about $50 for. It fits perfectly, looks great, and is weather proof. Comes with brackets and set of lowers which were $119 extra when I bought the fairing.

All for $500. I live just south of Indianapolis and I prefer not to ship. I can meet you within 100 miles. However, if you want it and are willing to pay for shipping I’ll try to take it apart and box it up for you.

This is off of a 2003 1800 R. But is appears to be very adjustable.

Call or txt. 317-796-4687 or email [email protected]

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