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Just wanted to say hey to all the good folks here and I enjoy reading all the good topics. Lots and lots of very useful info here. I just bought a 02 1800C about a mo ago, Love IT! It's black, only had 4500 miles and well taking care of. I got a good deal on it and was able to afford some pipes. I orderd (HDL) V&H big shots, GP plates Metzeler 200 rear and 180/70 frt. The Front tire was worn down (low air) so I replaced them both. Got all the what to do and how to do from this board. Thanks and a big thanks to Bare's VTX page
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Welcome ! Good Choice!! Ride safe Jrsess 8)
Welcome!! :p
180/70 frt? :shock: was that a typo and ya meant 130/70 or did ya order the wrong tire size :?: ain't trying to rain on ya parade :lol:

glad to have another X'er out there. if ya ain't turned the throttle around yet, do it, and hang on, and have some fun :lol:

RIDE HER HARD :twisted: she likes it :lol: :lol:
That would be a typo on the 180/70 frt :oops:
Welcome and ride safe, always wear a helmet, saved my life....Goodluck.... :shock:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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